A new grassroots, community-based regional television channel broadcast on

MTC Channel One

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Are you a video producer, musician, or organization with a video you’d like to see on Catskills Air? Submit your information at the link below. We’ll review your form and be in touch.

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The Citizen News Bureau has recurring weekly reports covering weather, sports, news, music, events, town meetings, the arts and other topics that reflect the Catskills Region. All reported by community members like you who are passionate about a subject or have a skill they want to share.

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CatskillsAir broadcasts on MTC Channel 1. Our programs are broadcast 6 pm to 9 pm Fridays through Thursdays, with a 12-hour loop so that you can tune in anytime you want.



Have a passion or topic you want to share with the Catskills Community? Join our Citizen News Bureau.




Are you a producer, filmmaker, musician, or organization who wants to see your video on the air?




Want to contribute to CatskillsAir's Citizen News Bureau?

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